AVI Infosys is a leading and certified ID Card Printer Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. With the iBonus terminal, we provide a full spectrum of applications to companies of all sizes around the world. To loyalty card applications to corporate affinity programs and from employee auditing to employee monitoring, these staff loyalty cards can be programmed to deliver a rich and hi-tech user experience including employee identification, access restriction, and the management of employee preferences.

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Elegant, complete and efficient,the Evoils Pebble printer personalises plastic cards printing machine for all your company requirements, whether day-to-day or special.

Supplies and Accessories

Evolis offers a complete range of supplies and accessories especially designed for Evolis printers. Tested and validated by Evolis R& D ans Quality departments, this consumables bring you printing quality and reliability. Evolis card printers + Genuine Evolis ribbons = the winning combination! Evolis also markets a range of accessories to get the most of your id card printers : cables, cleaning kits, additional card feeders

Color ribbons

A complete range of color ribbons to get the most out of your card printer

Special ribbons

Special ribbons (scratch-off, hologram) and lamination films

Cleaning kits

Everything you need to clean your Evolis card printer

Monochrome ribbons

These monochrome ribbons are specifically designed for Evolis card printers

Blank plastic cards (PVC)

Evolis cards are the ideal support for outstanding printouts

Printer accessories

Magnetic encoding option, additional feeders, manual feeders for over-the-counter display, travel bag, cables

For the security and efficiency of your business, then having ID cards is a critical part. Take a glance at what a PVC card is. A PVC card is a plastic composed of a graphic- quality version of a known as polyvinyl chloride PVC. It is mostly known for its durability, versatility, and flexibility. PVC cards are generally considered the best solution for producing an ID card.

  • Are there different types of PVC cards?

PVC cards can come in many different forms so that you can have the exact custom ID card solution that you need. This includes the dimensions and therefore the embedded features that your cards possess. Also, for those organizations that wish to be as green as possible, you will obtain PVC cards made from recycled materials.

  • How can PVC cards be secured?

A PVC card can be secured by the ID card security technology that you want to have.

  • Can a standard inkjet or laser printer be used for printing on PVC cards?

The best thanks to print on a PVC card is to use a specialized PVC ID card printer. Like standard card printers, PVC card printers come with a variety of capabilities.