In stadiums, deal with peak times. During these moments you require gaining insight into sales, offer simple and fast payments. But you don’t want long lines at the bar. This is all incorporated with the user-friendly payment solutions from AVI Infosys. We offer fast, safe, and easily customized Stadium Check-in Solutions that every employee can use immediately.

We offer the right payment plan for every stadium. Also, our management system guarantees that all individual traders are provided with the right settings and reports.

In short: AVI INFOSYS proposes a beneficial Stadium Check-in Solutions for the visitor, the stadium, and the caterers. Cashless payment with specific chip cards is workable at all cash registers and vending machines for snacks and beverages. You choose whether the funds are debited immediately from the payment cards or whether the visitors have to pay when leaving the stadium.
Use a cashless payment system for the stadium or arena to decrease waiting times and increase throughput. You boost your sales.
Special payment cards produce an additional marketing advantage. You have the opportunity to attach your logo or your advertising on the cards–the design possibilities are limitless!

Cashless payments are very useful. As a consumer, you can just use your card on a payment receipt device or even tap your smartphone with a mobile wallet and be on your way! They have many advantages to offer for both the business and the consumers:

For the businesses:
• Reducing Cash-Confusion: When most transactions in your market are taking place with credit cards or mobile wallets, it can decrease the clutter that cash creates. Handling enormous amounts of cash has a cost for companies and can be cumbersome to manage if the restaurant has multiple locations. Going cashless can serve them to better use their resources and is also expected to protect them from robberies.• Friction-less Payments: The checkout is faster and enables businesses to help more customers each day, improving staff efficiency and increasing revenue.

For the consumers:
• Convenience: With computerized payment methods, consumers don’t even require carrying cash with them while they make purchases
• Customer Experience: Other than being convenient, electronic payments also present a unique experience to the consumer. With mobile wallets on smartphones and smartwatches, paying for something almost seems like magic. A good shopping experience can go a long way and assist customers to keep coming back to the store.