With the iBonus HCE software app solution, businesses can conveniently make cashless, contactless Transactions for Loyalty Rewards and prepaid programs. iBonus is presenting a new Smart-phone based Emulated card solution based on host card emulation (HCE) technology, which enables smart-phones to be used as easily and securely as a standard chip based Stored value Smart card (SVC).

iBonus is the world’s first to employ NFC/BLE technology to provide smart phone based loyalty system to cover over 80% of smartphones users globally.

There are different loyalty programs in market today which mostly uses barcode cards, Magnetic Stripe cards, Q Code cards etc. However they have a low usage rate due to inconvenience to carry them physically to any retail store. Other online technologies which uses Loyalty/Prepaid Mobile App, however, requires 100% Seamless Internet connection and is too complicated to use if there are many Loyalty cards or Coupons from different retail Stores.

Using an iBonus emulated card technology it provides better user experience and also supports unlimited number of loyalty schemes of different Businesses/ Merchants in users smart phone itself Hence one iBonus Client app is enough to store last point or prepaid balances of multiple merchants.

Businesses now can provide this Smart-phone based Emulated card solution available quickly and conveniently via an iBonus HCE app. This applies to all smartphones running Android operating system 4.4. and above and IOS Ver 7.00 Onwards. The reach of HCE Technology is extremely high because the new technology is supported by all Android devices (from version 4.4 onward). The vast majority of smartphones worldwide use an Android operating system.

The consumer’s Smart-phone does not require any particular NFC SIM card or any NFC tag Sticker to do transactions. The new solution is ideal for Businesses who wish to reach a wide range of cardholders and operate at the interface of mobile wireless technology providers and manufacturers of mobile devices.