AVI Infosys, Time Attendance System Dubai, the leading Supplier in Dubai, UAE.

AVI Infosys presents a complete range of biometric time attendance system in Dubai and access control products designed exclusively to enhance security and improve performance. Our various product lines feature the latest technologies, superior levels of durability, and flawless operation backed by our award-winning technical support and customer service guarantee. This helps you to make your time attendance system entirely digital, smart, and automated time-punching. An effective time-punching machine tracks the daily attendance, breaks, overtime, transfers, overall working time, and provides alerts about your employees’ activities and actions in a way that can provide you with millions of records to assist you to improve productivity.

We are based in Dubai and known as one of the reliable and advanced biometric solutions providers. We ensure exceptional quality and effective time attendance solutions.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to learn about your business and would love to share our expert advice on what Biometric Time attendance system goes well with your business type. Call us or use the handy contact form to learn more about our time and attendance system and be sure to click on the product links below for in-depth information on every product listed here.

It features an elegant POE design and brings to you unmatched durability and reliability. AVI Infosys presents a complete range of biometric AVI-TEC Time Attendance Systems in Dubai with award-winning technical support and customer service guarantee. Explore more.

iGuard Attendance System uses an advanced algorithm for performance reliability. AVI INFOSYS LLC is a leading certified iGuard product Supplier, biometric attendance systems suppliers located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Explore more.

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