AVI-TEC Time Attendance Systems

AVI Infosys presents a complete range of biometric time attendance and access control products designed exclusively to enhance security and improve performance. Our various product lines feature the latest technologies, superior levels of durability and flawless operation backed by our award-winning technical support and customer service guarantee. Call us or use the handy contact form to learn more about our biometric products and be sure to click on the product links below for in-depth information on every product listed here


The AVI-FTA-508 is a brand new addition to our product line of time attendance systems. It features an elegant POE design and brings to you unmatched durability and reliability


The AVI-FTA-ID-508-C is a biometric fingerprint reader introduced by us recently. This time attendance application can store 3,000 templates and 100,000 transactions


The AVI-FTA-ID-511 time attendance system is modeled on a revolutionary design. It is easy to operate and deploys a newly designed ergonomic Touch Keypad technology. The Touch Keypad can work for up to 100,000 hours


The AVI-FTA-ID-512-DT is a digital time attendance device featuring a contemporary desktop design. Identification modes include fingerprint, card and password, fingerprint and password and fingerprint and card


The AVI-FTA-ID-513 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader which features a space age design. The Time & Attendance application offers unparalleled performance. It uses an advanced algorithm for performance reliability.


The AVI-FTA-ID-514 is a Time & Attendance application. This biometric fingerprint reader uses an advanced algorithm in order to deliver high quality performance and reliability