About our company

AVI Infosys is headquartered in the fastest growing city in the world called Dubai, the Boom City just like its mission to help businesses BOOM. AVI Infosys is IT based business productivity and security equipment provider, specializes in CCTV security systems, access control, time attendance systems, smartcard, loyalty solutions and other business productivity solutions.

AVI is a leading IT based company with a proven track record and rich industry experience. We are recognized IT experts in the business security domains. We strive to innovate and develop advanced business technology solutions to mobilize the business operations and deliver business value in global scalability, process efficiency and cost optimization for our clients

Our clients have chosen us over and over again because of our proven track records, quality assurance methodologies and business consulting expertise. Our proven track record ensures your business’s progress. By providing high-quality business security equipment, within your budget and time schedule your entire business cycle can be optimized for cost and performance.

Our expert technology research team is abreast of the latest information technologies. We are zealous about leading edge technology and quality and we strive to empower our clients and enable them to outperform the competition. We sustain an excellent relationship with our clients throughout the business life cycle providing nothing but the best for each client.

Our IT experts, who are abreast with the latest advancements in technology, make every effort to provide the best solutions to businesses. Our Quality policy ensures the excellence and perfection in all that AVI provides to a client. We provide business security and productivity solutions, which are reliable, stable and robust.


Ever since the company was founded in 2006 in UAE it remained diligently focused on providing its customers with the latest productivity tools and hi-tech solutions to many of the challenges faced by small, medium and large companies while mobilizing their business operations. AVI is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, after achieving initial success and building a highly loyal customer base in UAE, now expanding its industry reach to India. It owned a subsidiary in New Delhi, India and sales offices in Singapore, Australia, Canada and the US. AVI serves the technology needs of many customers around the world and is fully poised to meet your needs in mission-critical areas. Its core competency lies in areas such as CCTV security, Biometric solutions, Loyalty and Prepaid Solutions and office automation solutions only to name few.

Mission & Vision

Empowering businesses to outperform the competition is the sole mission of AVI Infosys. We are focused to provide significant leverage to meet the growing needs of businesses in the globalizing world.

AVI is committed to bring out the state of the art; well-integrated as well as cost effective solutions for businesses that best match the specific industry standards, improving business productivity and stature in their industry vertical.

Our vision is to continue brings out the powerful innovative business solutions for breakthrough performances through the intelligent use of technology. Our zeal to stay in tune with the latest technological innovations makes us different.

Merely closing a sale is not the end, but the beginning since we believe enriching the relationships with our valued clients. AVI’s after sales service are an industry benchmark as we uphold the highest standards of performance in the post-sales services areas. We change the way the enterprises work.