Payroll Software For Employee Attendance Management

Significantly enhance office productivity in your company by installing the Employee Time Attendance Management System from AVI Infosys. Payroll attendance management, in conjunction with time attendance, can be a complex activity in most organizations. In order to maintain an accurate record of employee attendance and their log in/log out time, the Employee attendance management System is a true and tested solution. The software not only manages the daily Time In and Time Out of employees but also facilitates payroll by producing various types of daily, weekly and monthly MIS reports. The payroll software is fully integrated across the workforce management suite. It uses time clocks like proximity and biometrics to record the Time In of the employees. It then compares the actual Time-in with the schedule shift timing. At the end of a period, like a day, week, fortnight or a month, it runs a period end routine. This procedure helps to establish an accurate calculation of overtime and sickness value. The timing data evaluated is then presented to Payroll.

I.T. costing information is collected and automatically calculated as per your company’s processes and policies. The data is then passed on to the payroll and attendance software including the ex-gratia payment and commission wherever applicable.

AVI Infosys has many years of rich experience in designing, developing and successfully implementing end-to-end payroll software in dubai for organizations both large and small businesses that are fully automated and literally run on auto-pilot. We will select the most appropriate hardware-software combination for your company and design a customized solution which we will refine and tweak when necessary.

To learn more about AVI’s Employee attendance management software solution, please call or write to us using our handy contact form on the Contact Us page. We will be more than happy to assist you with both information and the technical data you will need to arrive at a decision.