We are a leading supplier of biometric access control systems in Dubai and across UAE and Middle East. We have successfully integrated and installed state of the art biometric security devices like iris scanners fingerprint and hand readers. Unlike keys, cards, passwords or pin codes, biometric security readers provide non transferable access control that cannot be deceived or fooled – individual must be physically present in front of the recognition device to gain access.
Deploying an access control system can be extremely vital if you deal with sensitive information or materials. Keeping all the business concerns in mind we have developed a range of access control systems. Call us now to choose the one which fits in right for your business.

AVI™s complete biometric access control system can include a combination of biometric and smartcard and proximity readers, providing you the flexibility to mix and match to fit in your needs

Access Control Systems using both the proximity card and a five digit code believe to be the most ideal option

The iGuard access control system uses an advanced algorithm for performance reliability.

User-friendly touch keypad with widedisplay for fast and easy employee enrolling