What does a common event look like? Attendees standing in long queues?

Time-consuming manual enrollment processed by lots of events staff? Paper! Stacks of paper? Till now, the start of most performances has been a process; get people through the gate and into the event without incurring (too much) time and difficulty for organizers and attendees alike.

We accept the first impressions count. It’s why AVI INFOSYS is thrilled to announce its self-printing registration kiosks. Now the commencement of your event can be an experience rather than a process! Set up the kiosk mode to permit attendees to check themselves into your event. Say goodbye to long lines and manage guests effortlessly. Kiosk mode assists you to reduce the staff deployed at the registration desk while quickly letting you sail through the day.

Find the most suitable Event Check-In Software for your business. Event Check-In software supports significantly speeds up the check-in process at performances, conferences, and other events. This type of software can be expanded on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and kiosks, and often presents badge printing capabilities. Many businesses use Event Check-In software to capture attendee information for lead generating purposes.

Onsite check-in at an event is a vital part of the attendee’s journey. It’s the principal physical touchpoint they have throughout the event. Meanwhile, it’s an easy, high-tech, and quick process, attendees leave with a positive response throughout the rest of their time onsite. Long lines and delay times, however, spell trouble.

Remote Check-in Kiosks

Not always event check-in has to happen at the venue. Self-service kiosks can set up at district transportation hubs or hotel associates to help attendees get checked-in before they even step foot into the event. These remote check-in kiosks support event planners to streamline the check-in method and avoid long wait times and lines at their event.

Kiosks at Airports or Train station 

Correct, when an attendee enters and checks in at a kiosk at a transportation center, it can trigger a notification to shuttle service and notify the driver that the next client has arrived, with name, picture, and address. The driver can verify the pickup and meeting spot.

Kiosks at transportation centers can also notify an attendee’s hotel of their arrival and put their corresponding flat on the priority list for preparation.

Kiosks at Even Hotels

A welcome kiosk at a resort can print visitor event badges on arrival a day or two before the performance. The system can monitor ticket validation, settle outstanding amounts, and print a badge in less than 10 seconds. The pre-check-in benefits to ease peak morning registration at the opening of the conference. The kiosks can also be relocated in the day to optimize the use of resources.

Registration kiosks and painless entry

With self-service kiosks, people can examine themselves into events — no crew members required. At the same moment, attendees can snap a badge picture and print their badge or NFC-enabled RFID wristband in a few clicks.

This technology spreads beyond the front door. For events that contribute to individual gatherings, workshops, classes, or seminars, self-service kiosks can be placed throughout an event. If attendees abruptly add or drop a session, they can take responsibility for it on their own, without having to return to your ticketing counter.

A stress-free event check-in activity is more than just a nice perk. With a powerful mix of onsite technology and top-notch teamwork, you can achieve a range of crucial goals:

  • Expedite registration and prevent queues. Use superior onsite check-in capabilities like self-registration and computerized badge printing to speed up the registration process. Time is our biggest asset, and your guests will surely appreciate it if you help them save some.
  • Personalize event experiences. Although it might appear impossible to give individual notice to 5,000+ event guests within a short time period, effective onsite tech can do real magic. You can simply segment name badges, assign seats, run different attendance categories, and do last-minute editing with one just software program.
  • Lessen the use of paper. Design a registration journey that doesn’t require any paper to facilitate convenience and express your brand’s commitment to social responsibility. From electronic records to tablets and apps for events, building a fully paperless experience is quite easy.
  • Supports Multiple Devices. Our attendee management software can be set up on multiple smart machines and can be placed in the pre-registration spaces for you or your attendees to check into the event.
  • Smart Integration. Our all-in-one event check-in app combines with leading CRM so that you can track your attendees’ engagements in real-time, get detailed insights into their behavior, and send personalized Follow-Up communication. Impress with a smart entry statement that revolutionizes out-dated registration processes. This novel technology offers multifaceted ‘check-in’ options, engaging entry, short lines, immediate changes, full-colour double-sided badges, tailored messaging, fully-branded designs, and branded sponsorship opportunities.