iBonus Smartcard Solutions & Services

iBonus Smartcard Solutions & Services

IBonus system is one of the most powerful and loyalty systems based on HCE/BLE technology to provide smarter options offline. It covers over 90% of smartphone users worldwide by the contactless payment system. It is a Microsoft partner program’s choice of the secure smart card payment system in the US Army and Joy Alukkas. It is a highly secure management system with supervising authority control.

It works on central database architecture that collects data from 1 to 100+ terminals and pushes it to the central database in real-time. iBonus also enables the card handling process at any branch. It is very easy to use is an off-the-shelf solution that works on distributed offline NFC contactless smart cards/ smartphones as emulated card HCE/BLE technology.


iBonus provides comfort to its users by its loyalty/closed-loop payment and card system. It has different products and services to offer to its valuable users. These products are the reason for making it a loyalty system. Its products include:

End to End Customization

iBonus provides end to end customization that means the user can customize its service as per requirement.

Stored Value Card

iBonus smart card has a technology to save points on the card. The card stores the last transaction value and points. You can redeem the points whenever you want.

Real-time transactions

Real-time transactions can be viewed instantly on the backend server when the terminal is connected to the internet. It saves any delay and waiting for the hassle.

Anti-fraud attribute

The technology used is a stored-value card, and the system operates by the database at the backend. So, there is no chance of any fraud in the entire system.

Health & integrity feature

The backend iBonus server keeps sending pings to the database. If any fault, it sends a trigger back to the database and shows the terminal offline. It helps IT to check all the activities in your network.

Point of Sales Integration 

iBonus has API’s which can be easily integrated into any system with window POS application.

Services & Solutions

It covers all the services from retail loyalty to even check services along with solutions. Most of these are:

Retail loyalty solutions & services

  • Prepaid gift card
  • Mall/Retail stores loyalty
  • Prepaid membership
  • City/Country loyalty solution
  • Smartphone has stored-value chip cards

Offline Loyalty Rewards Engine Services

  • Food court prepaid solution & services
  • Airline, Travel & Tourism services
  • Hotel/Night Club loyalty services
  • Employee Incentive program solution & services
  • Multi-store prepaid services


Event Check-In solution & Services

  • Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies Loyalty/Prepaid Solutions & Services
  •  Prepaid fuel management Solution & Services
  •  School & University campuses prepaid payment solutions & services
  •  RFID/NFC based Social media Integration Services

Loyalty/Closed Loop Prepaid System

  • eCoupon Services
  • Discount Card system
  • Hotel Rewards
  • Dynamic Barcode Integration
  • Gift Card Wallet
  • Telecom Loyalty Rewards
  • Property Membership
  • F&B Rewards
  • Retail Loyalty Services
  • Airline Loyalty Rewards
  • Travel & Tourism Rewards

eRewards360 is the world’s first service to use BLE technology and provide a smartphone-based loyalty system to cover above 90% of smartphone users worldwide