AVI Infosys Certifications

In every industry, certifications are used to benchmark quality and performance. The same holds true in our industry as well. At AVI Infosys, we have made great strides in critical areas such as Quality Assurance, workforce training and standard industry certifications.

Certified Training from our Manufacturers

We represent a large number of manufacturers in product lines such as biometric products, security products, time attendance products, IP CCTV cameras, fingerprint reading products, face recognition products and others in Dubai, the UAE and all over the Middle East. Our manufacturers provide hands-on training to our technicians and certify them so that when they arrive at your doorstep to resolve an issue in your factory, showroom or warehouse, they are 360 degrees qualified to provide you with technical service and support.

An ISO 9000 Company

AVI Infosys is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We are proud to meet and exceed global standards of quality, performance and service deliverability. We are audited by the ISO organization regularly and our workforce receives ISO standards compliance training on an ongoing basis.

Approved and Certified by Dubai Police

We are authorized and certified by Dubai Police as a “Security Device Equipment Trading company.” This means that any security and surveillance equipment we install on your premises has been approved for use by Dubai Police and conforms to their high standards of durability, reliability and performance.

Time to Act

Security breaches never arrive with advance warning. They never have a declared time table. If you haven’t used any of our services yet, we encourage you to get in touch with us through our handy contact form or by phone and tell us about your company. We will propose an affordable solution for your organization and provide the protection, employee monitoring and productivity enhancement toolkits every organization needs today.