Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Every Charity Organisation needs Long term Income
Charities must find new smart ways to achieve this quickly

We can help your Charity organisation do everything really new and innovative
We will guide you now with the Innovation process

Of Building a Loyalty Rewards program Specially for your charity organisation at absolutely Zero investment on cost and time.

Excited to know how ????

Our Charity Loyally rewards program is really SMART:
We have Mobile Loyalty rewards technology and Global network of merchants to do this for you. Many Retailers/Merchants Globally are ready to provide discount to your supporters/members

Charity Loyalty Program: A new way for Charity group to get donation

  • One major income for charity groups is from individual donation.
  • Charity group can create an App with our emulated card embedded and a specific agent code or promote our ready to use Go SmartTap Loyalty program platform.
  • It’s supporters (users) can now download this charity App. User can enjoy reward program offered by our merchants globally.
  • user has to register on our app using his Facebook profile and we will automatically provide his membership ID online from our system and they can instantly use the app to earn Global rewards.
  • The charity group will receive 20% revenue from us for each active user per year .
  • Imagine that we have a lot of merchants in the near future, they are everywhere near the users. By doing regular shopping and dining, users are making the merchants to donate to their designated charity groups. This is a new way of wealth reallocation!

By doing this, you get a constant monthly income and very happy members who want to engage with you and make this campaign viral on social media platforms .

We must meet and discuss this opportunity at hand.

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