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An enterprise, especially in the technology domain, may have the best products and services the market can afford. However, if there isn’t a client repository to prove as a track record, credibility may be at stake. As a leading security systems provider all across the Middle East and now in India, our stellar list of satisfied customers is a dynamic value proposition because it has experienced triple-digit growth over the past few years. With more than a hundred customers many of whom are industry stalwarts in their own right such as Panasonic, Sony, Essar, Kuwait Airways, WSI, Skylink and many others, AVI Infosys continues to bring to market the latest innovation in security systems, biometric solutions, loyalty solutions, RFID services, CCTV surveillance and a full spectrum of products in every related category. At every step, we pursue industry best practices to ensure that our clients’ credibility and trust, of which we are the custodians, is preserved by deploying the latest wave of security solutions the industry has to offer.

Middle East Security Solutions Provider with a Difference

Throughout Dubai, the UAE and all of the Middle East, AVI Infosys is known for its ability to design, develop and implement the right security solution for your needs. Our unflinching customer service and an unqualified commitment to quality has helped us to ace our competitors every step of the way. As a Middle East security solutions provider with a visible presence in highly focused segments such as:

  • Security software
  • Security hardware
  • Fingerprint identification systems
  • Time attendance systems
  • Time tracker payroll systems
  • Wireless Internet security
  • Access control systems
  • Contactless cards

we represent only those security equipment manufacturers who have proven themselves over the years with a full range of reliable products which have been stress-tested under the most demanding of circumstances

Unqualified Invitation from the most well-known Middle East Securities Systems Provider

Do you own a factory, warehouse or showroom where you need to install monitoring equipment that is both reliable and durable? Would you like to know what is available out there since the last time you installed a CCTV camera in your manufacturing facility? Please allow us to call on you to conduct a no-obligation needs assessment, which will be followed by a comprehensive proposal. Use our handy contact form and experienced customer service professional will get in touch with you immediately.