Quantum Card Printers

Quantum Card Printers

Main Features

  • Dual-sided color printing module
  • 300 dpi print head (11.8 dots/mm)
  • 16 MB RAM allowing two card storages (front & back)
  • Detachable encoding module
  • Product Name: Quantum Card Printers
  • Product Category: Card Printers
  • Model Name: Dualys


The Quantum heavy-duty card printer belongs to a feature-rich line of card printers from AVI Infosys designed exclusively for large volume card printing applications. The Quantum card printer allows users to encode and print cards in increased volumes. It can print up to 1000 monochrome cards and 125 colored cards both single and double sided in a span of an hour. It can be customized anytime anywhere to print cards for different purposes. Its flexibility in printing images, barcodes and texts on cards of thickness varying from 0.76 to 1mm is surely commendable. The Quantum comes with a magnetic strip encoder, a smart contact station and a bracket to hold a contactless antenna.

It can support up to three encoding technologies at a time. Its connecting board also allows you to assemble your own encoder. Cards can be preloaded to a Quantum printer to speed up the printing process. To reduce the personalization time for cards further, it can print and encode simultaneously without the need to flip the card over. It comes with an LCD display which provides a notification about the remaining cards to be printed. The Quantum card printer also comes with a self-cleaning system and a detachable and interchangeable hopper. This user-friendly industrial capacity printer is relied upon by several organizations for printing of cards including ID cards, loyalty cards and SIM cards. If your company needs a bulk printing solution that involves multicolor printing on special stock, the Quantum is your first choice. To learn more about the Quantum Smart Card printer or to schedule a no obligation demo at your workplace, please call us or write to us and we will arrange for a highly experienced AVI team to meet with you. You can use our handy contact form on our Contact Us page to write to us.


  • Two different Quantum configurations : standard without locking system and secured with locking system
  • Dual-sided color printing module
  • 300 dpi print head (11.8 dots/mm)
  • USB & Ethernet ports
  • 16 MB RAM allowing two card storages (front & back)
  • Detachable & interchangeable input & output hoppers with a capacity of 500 cards (0.76 mm or 30 mil)
  • Flip-over station for dual-sided printing
  • Detachable encoding module
  • 2-line LCD display and status LED for printer and encoding unit monitoring
  • Optional locking system to secure access to blank cards, ribbons, films and rejected cards
  • Reject tray for 20 cards (0.76 mm or 30 mil)
  • Printer color: Aluminum body & black plastic covers
  • ROHS compliant
  • Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer
  • Enhanced color management system for top quality pictures
  • Edge-to-edge printing
  • Dual-sided printing
  • Integrated ribbon saver for monochrome printing
  • Integrated ½ Panel YMCKO picture management
  • Reversible unit for top & bottom magnetic & smart encoding
  • HiCo/LoCo Magnetic stripe encoder ISO 7811 or JIS2
  • Smart contact station ­ ISO 7816 ­ 2
  • Connecting panel & mounting area for users own integration of encoding units
  • Encoding options: Smart encoding unit ­ PC/SC, EMV 2000-1?Contactless encoding unit ­ ISO14443A & B, ISO 15693, Mifare, DesFire, HID iCLASS
  • Quantum Production Pack: 1 detachable card hopper, 2 cleaning rollers, 3 boxes of cleaning material
  • Quantum Backup Pack: 1 printing head kit, 1 Up/Down encoding module, 1 detachable card hopper
  • Detachable hopper with a capacity of 500 cards (0.76 mm ­ 30 mil)
  • Software bundled: eMedia card designer software for designing and editing badges, compatible with Windows┢ 7, XP and Vista 32 & 64 bits, support for Microsoft┢ Excel databases
  • 1­year warranty, limited to 500,000 passes, subject to observance of specific conditions and use of Evolis genuine consumables
Card types:All PVC, Composite PVC cards, PET, ABS1 & varnished 1 card
Card format:ISO CR-80 – ISO 7810 (53.98 mm x 85.60 mm – 3.375″ x 2.125″)
Card thickness:0.25 mm (10 mil) 3 to 0.76 mm (30 mil)
Output hopper capacity:15 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil), 45 cards (0.25 mm – 10 mil)
Card feeder capacity:100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil), 300 cards (0.25 mm – 10 mil)
Printer size:Height: 166 mm (6.53″)
Length:290 mm (11.42″) / 368 mm (14.49″) with the detachable hopper