RFID based Smart Ticketing Solutions

Automated Fair Collection SystemAVI Infosys provides you with the Cashless smart ticketing solutions and automated bus fare collection system services. The system is built by the most experienced developer with collaboration with the known bus services. Therefore, the AVI Automated Fare Collection System has all features which you need for your cashless public transport. The AVI Automated fare collection provides you with multiple features like QR code-based bus fare system, Mass Transit Card System, Mobile Payment transportation card system, Offline bus ticketing system, Mass public transportation card solution in just a single Bus booking Software.

The expert has designed the AFC Payment solution by experiencing the issues related to bus operators and bus ticket booking. Each feature of software works independently, but their combination makes your services much better for you and for your passengers. This makes your system customization fast and more straightforward to use.

With the Addition of AFC NFC cards, the software has become the perfect solution for bus operators and bus resellers. With the help of the Mobile transit payment system, the payment system has become faster and simpler.  So if you are looking for the best software for ticketing for public transportation, you are at the best place.

Regardless of your current business position, the Automated Fare Collection system will keep growing your business with the usage of modern technology. Therefore, the Automated Fare Collection System meets the requirements for public transportation services and provides you with the best bus operating system through its incredible features at an affordable price.


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