Health card solutions for clinics, hospitals and pharmacies

Smart HealthCare Card Solutions Are you looking for smart health care solutions for clinics, hospitals, and Pharmacy?

Yes, you are in the right place. AVI Infosys is providing health card solutions for clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies in the UAE. It is essential to digitalize your system of handling customers because you will get permanent patients by using health card solutions. It will be easy for you to manage the patients’ record and their history whenever a patient enters your Clinic, Hospital, and Pharmacy. They are also useful in preventing fraud and lowering the bill costs. These cards are issued to patients useful at clinics, hospitals, and Pharmacy. 

It is a modern era where issues need smart solutions. These healthcare smart cards are reliable and efficient in use. Such cards design the prescription more readily available. It also helps manage all health-related records about patients, medical history, credits, and many others. These technologies can catch any fraud more efficiently than anyone else.


The features of smart healthcare solutions for clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies are:

  • Enhance the quality of care.
  • Improve health care record management.
  • Make the prescription process easier.
  • Increase the ratio of patients visiting once.
  • It will be like a membership card, which will increase revenue.
  • Save timings per patient.
  • Save timings at pharmacies and clinics.
  • It will be a standard system to maintain the record.

 Why you need a health card?

These smart cards for healthcare help identify the cardholder details if he/ she has an affiliation with any organization or not. In this way, the smart card verifies the holder’s rights. It also provides us with the transmission of medical expenses claims securely.

These smart cards also benefit from decreasing the manipulation because paper and documents can easily be forged. These cards have a built-in microprocessor containing encrypted data, used to save details of the cardholder.

These cards have a higher level of identification security. They are using such features for security that earlier had been used as banknotes and national ID. They also include a biometric feature. So the patient should be verified more accurately.

These cards also keep your privacy protection. They don’t give access to an unauthorized person. Only doctors and patients can read them. So, if you are looking for solutions for providing health cards for clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies, AVI Infosys is the best choice to move forward. Please don’t waste your time and contact us or call us tel:+97143587036.