Food Courts Meal Management System

E- Meal Card System for Food Courts Meal Management SystemAVI Infosys helps you in comprehensive smart meal cards for food court meal management system. Well, your restaurant or food court can be in a dedicated area and there may be a lot of competition around so you may need to manage it better than your competition. Your staff needs to be quicker in their services if there are more customers and if you have a lot of options available. These days malls are always crowded and you should be offering favorites to your customers.

This management is not as easy as it seems. You need a comprehensive solution for the management of food courts meal. AVI Infosys helps you in making your system more effective by providing you with the best software for the food court prepaid card system. You can manage your kitchen with your iPad and it will notify your customers when their meal is ready, and they can easily share their reviews and feedbacks.

Includes Data Collection Terminals, optional Thermal Receipt Printer, and Meal Management software solutions. Using this exceptional approach, you will not only generate criteria-based reporting but also help ensure anything for one meal per employee, helping you avoid waste of your organization’s dining facility.

Food Court Prepaid Card System Benefit

  • 64 Bits encryption on cards to stop theft, fraud, and duplication
  • It conveniently stores employee’s last meal information on the card
  • It is considered as a backend meal capture database engine
  • Users can review different meal swaps easily for all branches and terminals
  • Meal Allowance can be reviewed and checked for all prepaid customer cards
  • You can also check and validate the quota collection of meals on all cards
  • Any network infrastructure can be run offline and online
  • In offline mode, we can easily store up to 5000 meal swap records
  • It is the simplest meal swap solution for all requirements combinations of real-time data
  • It helps you to strategically plan, maintain, and generate meal change reports for each employee/department and contractor on an hourly / daily/weekly / monthly / year basis.
  • It can be personalized to produce your excellent reports and services in compliance with the needs of your company.


  • Provides intranet / network-based solutions that make it possible to create multiple branches or terminals in a close environment, and each Meal Swap Terminal can also install Coupon Printers or Label Printers.
  • You can schedule breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea timing, etc.
  • It is also possible to define the quota for the meal card system on prepaid smart cards
  • It provides the latest online reporting platform for all departments including Head Cashiers, Branch Cashiers, Marketing, Finance, and IT Administration.

Advanced reporting:

  • Employees are required to report daily/weekly / monthly / yearly in a wise contractor, canteen, and data sets
  • It provides special reports for all extra meals taken by the employees at any particular time of the meal
  • It comes with a separate admin module which manages blacklisting, card activation, and online monitoring of terminals
  • It will also provide advanced overview reports of meals as per requirement.

Why choose us?

We are providing a unique and cost-effective food court prepaid card system which is based on the Mobile App system and you can use it on your iPad or PC. Our food court meal management software is much faster and accurate than any other system in the market. The best part of our food court meal management software is that we are providing all these features at affordable prices ever. You really need not wait and think about ordering. Contact us AVI Infosys 24/7 for quality services or call us tel:+97143587036.