Charity Fundraising

Charity Fund raisingDo you wish to get most of your work? Let our platform do its best in the form of Non-Profit POS. We are passionate to serve your operations in every aspect. We made the charity fundraising easy. Do you know, you are on the right platform because it expands our network to millions of donors and we are the largest social fundraising platform around you. We are aiming to facilitate you from starting to finishing off a fundraising scheme. We can customize your fundraising experience according to your brand’s demands.

Let us have a look, how our platform is best for Charity POS.

  • We are passionate to attract more donors towards your site
  • We have skills to build long-term relationships with the donors efficiently
  • We provide an efficient and fast way to raise money for your favorite nonprofits
  • Our procedure for fundraising is damn easy and timesaving. With just a few clicks, your funds will safely reach to nonprofits.

Do you know what makes us competitive?

  • There is no platform fee and hidden charges here
  • You can find millions of verified nonprofits at our platform
  • We provide a facility for automatic donation delivery

What are the benefits of choosing us for charity fundraising?

Let us have a look at the benefits of choosing us:

Donor protection

Donor protection is our priority. We are one platform that guarantees donor protection.

Customer Service

Do you have any doubts? Ask. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to facilitate you. It doesn’t matter, either it is day or night, our team will be available to verify answer your questions.


We work on Simple Setup for your ease. Come on! Have time to raise your funds to the nonprofits with few clicks.

No hidden charges

Like other fundraising platforms, we have no hidden charges. There is a 0% platform fee here.

Social reach

We implement all the ideas that can help you to spread your story. Like, we use the power of social media to make you famous among donors. We believe it could be the best way to get more support.

We believe, all these benefits at a single place are enough to encourage you to choose us for charity fundraising quickly. Let us make a difference together by raising or donating money. Contact us or call us tel:+97143587036.