Catering Meal Card System

E- Meal Card System for Food Courts Meal Management SystemWe have made the hard task of managing meals for each employee possible through our amazing Catering meal card system. We are passionate to increase your sales by introducing a user-friendly cashless catering system for your employees. Our exciting system is here to increase the sales of your restaurants and catering businesses.

We have fast ways to manage employee Meal transactions. Our catering management POS software is a cloud-based software system that manages our overall catering system I.e. from menu presentation to billing. We are excited to announce that we are equipped with the latest tools to provide ease and comfort to your meal ordering system as an employee.

Advantages of choosing us

Don’t confuse yourself with the varieties of Catering meal card systems available. We believe you will find us best because we are aiming to facilitate you to an extent. And believe us, we have found our employees highly satisfied with our great Cafeteria Management System.

  • Our software can work as per customer’s demands
  • Our software is easy to use
  • We create the meal transaction report of each employee quickly
  • We provide a user-friendly environment for our employees

Why Cashless catering system is preferable?

We are here to make cashless catering by introducing smart card technology. Do you wish to pay for your food with a quick tap? We have made this possible. The cashless catering system is a great way to get rid of handling cash and credit card transactions. This system eliminates your efforts by reducing the ques and waiting time. After this great timesaving method, the canteen staff will be ready to serve you with a splendid meal in no time.

Cashless catering solutions are best for the customer’s transactions by deducting the money from their online accounts rather than their credit cards. If such advancement and easiness are possible, then why are you not passionate to get these benefits? Come On! Make your meals transactions super easy by our considerable meal card management system. We are working with a highly professional. Our team is capable to provide customized cashless catering solutions to our customers as per demands. We care about the security of your premises and have hired a separate team to resolve all your issues securely.

AVI cashless catering management POS solution is secure and efficient to make transactions possible within few seconds. Contact us AVI Infosys 24/7 for quality services or call us tel:+97143587036.