HCE/BLE Smartphone Based Wallet

HCE/BLE Smartphone based WalletAre you looking for the solution to the HCE Mobile Payment Solutions & BLE NFC Payment Solutions? You are at the right place here; we can provide you with solutions to every relevant issue. The modern era now payments are not an issue anywhere and anytime because of networking & online systems with the help of AVI Infosys. NFC and BLE payments are 5th generation modern and updated payment systems. Most of the leading stores and shopping centers are looking to install a system for both payment systems.

NFC Payments:

The NFC payments are contactless operated with the help of near-field communication technology. These are like the Smartphone wallet, enabling you to make payments anytime, anywhere works as mobile payment solutions. Our highly experienced team has developed a system of the open-loop, along with closed-loop solutions for supporting NFC payments. The demand for NFC payments is increasing day by day, which shows its performance is better.


  • It supports globally used protocols like Master card, Java Cards, etc.
  • It supported both open-loop and closed-loop systems.
  • The coupons and loyalty points included in the NFC wallet are closed loop.
  • NFC payments are designed as per desired countries or locations.
  • The NFC wallet server will only work in programmed or designed areas easy to trace.
  • It can only be available to its owner according to its GP specification system.

NFC Solutions:

The NFC solutions are available for quality works which are:

  • NFC payment solutions are provided for global solutions.
  • Our team can work on updating and designing your mobile NFC payments.
  • Allow you to pay VIA smartphones, smartwatches, and other related devices.

BLE Payments:

The BLE payments are wireless technology but in a limited range known as Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart. The users of the BLE Payment system are increasing day by day.


  • App automatically detects the BLE payment method available or not in any store, etc.
  • BLE Payment system needs beacons to use it.
  • You need to confirm verbally for payments.
  • Security because you have to provide any key or code or ID card.

BLE Payment Solutions:

  • BLE NFC payment solutions are available here to provide you comfort while using it.
  • They install sensors into it to detect issues.
  • It includes power pay processors for payments.
  • It will provide you to use payment solution with the help of POS.

HCE Mobile Payment Solutions & BLE NFC Payment Solutions linked with the mobile phone, smartwatch, and other connecting devices, common nowadays. Are you looking for the solution to the NFC and BLE payments system? Contact us AVI Infosys 24/7 for quality services or call us tel:+97143587036.