Loyalty Rewards Solutions for Al Yousuf Motors

Al Yousuf Motors

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Yousuf Motors groups are completely committed to secure the attraction of clients, workers, stakeholders, and the community at large by experience implementing corporate social responsibility principles.

According to the loyalty reward solution, Al Yusuf motors are responsible for their commitment to peoples, clients, and the social environment. Their work in life is to share information and expertise to make a significant working experience.

Al Yousuf Motors’ loyalty system is a major project that deployment its product from 46 different locations in UAE.

Business Requirement:

  • Developed a system for commitment to customers and their expectations by improving and providing excellence in products and services.
  • Established themselves as exclusive and preferred retailers for some of the most internationally leading companies by offering loyalty rewards.
  • Developed an organization to build a solid enterprise with a showroom network, overall services, a center of parts, and an energetic customer relationship.
  • Customer retention and to promote repeat business was required by the Group for smooth business operations.

Benefits of Loyalty rewards Solution:

  • Achieved local and private-sector leadership, with a loyalty reward solutions to share of an individual’s vision and work in partnership.
  • By loyalty program, the Al Yousuf Motors developed remarkable through aggressive mutual marketing and working together with new agencies and businesses from a low-level trading firm based in Dubai.
  • Al Yusuf motor loyalty program facilitated a contract and agreement follows with the recommendation of Shariah Law.
  • Allowed customers for purchasing any vehicles, like outboard motors, boats, and motorcycles from Al Yusuf motors.

Solution Offered:

  • Out of Box system was deployed by using offline smartcard-based technology.
  • Online reporting portal was available for all customers to view online points balances and history of all transactions.
  • Al Yusuf motor created a strong partnership with some of the international best brands and East Asia principals based loyalty reward program.
  • Due to the Loyalty program, Al Yusuf motor succeeded in the increase of multi-million dirham combinations.
  • Al Yousuf Motors runs a network of showrooms and offices that spread the entire UAE, the Middle East, and the Gulf.
  • The Group of Al Yousuf Motors are at the frontline of supporting the UAE wide offensive for domestic integrity in the Emirate.