Key Fobs-Teardrop

Key Fobs-Teardrop

Main Features

  • ABS high impact material
  • Colours: black, blue, green, red and yellow
  • Operating temperature â^’25ËsC to 50ËsC


The Teardrop is a RFID key fob, which can be used for access control, security identification and other applications. Different colours and chips are available for your application.

The key fob Teardrop was designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions despite their exceptional thinness. Shaped like a teardrop and designed to be easily attachable to an ordinary key-ring, they constitute an excellent option to contactless cards. Our key fobs are therefore primarily used within the access and security areas, as they are efficient, practical, convenient and easy to use.


  • Storage temperature â^’25ËsC to 80ËsC
  • Humidity: suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Resistant to dust, dirt and water
  • Possibility to combine two technologies in one key fob

Featured Services:

Frequency Mode:125 kHz , 13.56 MHz
EM Marin:EM4102 EM4105 EM4305 EM4450 EM4469 / EM4569 , Mifare: Ultralight, Mini, Classic, Desfire I-Code: SL1, SLI
NXP (Philips):Hitag 1, 2, S
Infineon:Mifare: NRG My-D
Atmel:Temic 5557, 5567
Legic:Prime: MIM256, MIM1024 Advant: ATC128, ATC256, ATC512, ATC1024, ATC2048
Warranty:One Year Warranty
Annual Maintenance Contract:Available

Multiusage cards:



Our key fobs can be further personalized using laser engraving technology, which guarantees long time stability of the engraved picture. Picture can be accompanied by a logo, continuous or non-continuous numbers or simply any graphic upon customer request