iGuard accessories

The iGuard security system may accommodate as much as 4 internet cameras for every iGuard device. These types of web digital cameras display pictures at Ten frames per second and may be viewed on as much as 4 web sites simultaneously within the iGuard internet browser. You can also Add a distinctive level of security as well as functionality for your iGuard security system.

AXIS 2100 Internet Camera for iGuard Security System

iGuard 12VDC Changing Power Supply (for powering iGuard)
Product Number: iG-PWR
Producer: Lucky Technologies
iGuard 12VDC switching power; used to energise iGuard LM and SM Sequence components.
Enter Power Variety: 50 — 60 Hz/100 -240 Vacuum, 1 Amplifier
Output Energy Range: 12VDC, Two.5 Amplifier

iGuard Power Cable television

Item Quantity: IG-PWR-CAB
Manufacturer: Lucky Technology

Manufacturer: Lucky Technology

The iGuard system abilities can be improved by the use of the Remote Doorway Relay. The Relay guarantees that harmful damage done to it or tampering with the readers does not create a release of the doorway strike or magnetic locking mechanism. The use of the relay is actually recommended for just about all installations and it is required whenever controlling the 12VDC door hit or permanent magnetic lock having a current score above 1Amp.

While using the relay, the doorway strike (or even magnetic locking mechanism) actions tend to be controlled through the remote doorway relay instead of directly through the iGuard reader. The actual remote exchange will only launch the hit / locking mechanism when a correctly addressed “Release-and-Relock” transmission is obtained from the iGuard® readers to which it’s attached.

  • Provides one more physical coating of security
  • Used to manage “Release-and-Relock” interval
  • Configurable “Door Open” period within 1-10 mere seconds
  • Relays can be Built-to-Order whenever release-to-relock time period must be under 1 2nd or more than 10 2nd


Note –: The Distant Door Exchange is recommended for those access manage installations. Make sure you call for more details, or for pre-installation help.

Mifare 1K Classic iGuard Wise Card

Producer: Lucky Technologies
MIFARE 1K Contactless Smart card formatted to be used with iGuard Biometric Visitors. Volume discount rates apply for purchases of Five hundred – 999 Expert advisor, 1000 — 1999 Expert advisor and 2,000EA and much more.

iGuard Rough Surface area Mounting Pad

item Quantity: iG-MOUNT-PAD
iGuard mounting mat for tough surfaces; suits between iGuard backplate & walls; serves as the spacer pad whenever mounting iGuard models to brickwork or rough-textured walls surfaces

Mini-Magnetic Lock — 600 Pounds

i12 volt DC Power (16 Result)
Item Quantity: SMP10PM12P16CB
Manufacturer: Hundure
12VDC; Ten Amp power; 16 PTC results; includes crisis power wall charger and steel wall attach enclosure container

Mini-Magnetic Doorway Lock; 600LBS Keeping Lbs; 12/24VDC

Item Quantity :EMini-Mag
Manufacturer: Soca

Locking mechanism 3001 Magnetic Locking mechanism -1,500 Pounds
Item Quantity: Elock3001
Manufacturer: Soca
2500 Lb. Keeping Force Electro-magnetic Lock for a lifetime Safety & Higher Security; Solitary Door; In-Swing

Product Number: PB-2 Producer: AVI INFOSYS Securitron “Push-to-Exit” Manage

MagnaLock Secure In-Swing Installation Bracket; combined with MagnaLock M82SC Locking Gadget

In-Swing Mounting Group
Item Quantity: SOCA Bracket
Producer: Soca

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