Identification Cards


PVC Cards
RFID Cards

  • Very reliable and robust plastic package
  • Matt or glossy surfaces
  • With or without magnetic strip
  • â^’20 °C to 50 °C operating temperature
Frequency Mode : 125 kHz 13.56 MHz
EM Marin : EM4102 EM4450 Mifare: Ultralight, Mini, Classic, Desfire I-Code: SL1, SLI
NXP (Philips) : Hitag 1, 2, S
Infineon : Mifare: NRG
Atmel : Temic 5557, 5567
Legic : Prime: MIM256, MIM1024 Advant: ATC128, ATC256, ATC512, ATC1024, ATC2048, ATC4096

Product Description

Contactless cards come in standard ISO format or clamshell format. Most of the ISO format contactless cards are made from white PVC with a glossy surface, which allows the customer to customize the cards by printing. Additionally a magnetic strip (HiCo, LoCo) can be used for multiusage cards