Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Case studies :- Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Location :United Arab Emirates
Project Launch Date:04/08/2010
No. of Terminals:2
No. of Member cards:500


Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a part of Global Indian Foundation, which has many schools, educational institutions and cultural centers in countries like Singapore, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam. As a forward-thinking and academically ambitious school, with a strong international dimension, GIIS Dubai strives for an innovative and imaginative academic curriculum. Their academic life is complemented by attentive pastoral care and full and wide-ranging co-curricular and extra-curricular programmers. The GIIS Dubai is a unique school where students are nurtured with the best of Indian and international education systems blended with Indian value systems.


GIIS Schools have earned for themselves an outstanding reputation for excellence in holistic education throughout the Asia Pacific region. Nurturing students for the future is one of the key focus areas for the GIIS schools, which ensures that ample opportunities, mentoring & guidance are provided to students to excel in entrepreneurship, leadership, team work, group dynamics and academics. GIIS has selected iBonus solution to be used as a prepaid card solution. So one card each given to students and employees of the school is used as an ID card and prepaid card/Debit card as well. This can be used in their library and food court which speeds up the cafeteria transactions, reduces time, error and loss associated with accounting for cash. Now students do not need to worry about having enough lunch money again and it is safer than cash , no more lost or stolen cash. It is very convenient also as now there is no more fretting about having change every day and such kind of activities enhances school branding/school spirit among the students also. Therefore it is a win-win project for student, their parents, the employees and the school. iBonus System matched the pace of fast deployment as required by them, and was ready to use in record 1 week time Duration. iBonus system had all the features of what this project is needed. Technical Consultant team at AVI INFOSYS LLC managed to design and deploy the whole project in record 3 days time.