Disc Tags

Disc Tags

Main Features

  • Very reliable and robust plastic package
  • High reading distance optimized to each chip
  • Other dimensions available upon request
  • Product Name: Disc Tags
  • Product Category: Smart Card Accessories


Transponders have become an integral component of almost every part of our lives. Any device which requires the transmission of signals or communication protocols needs a transponder integrated into its system. AVI Infosys is one of the leading providers of transponders in the UAE and the Middle East. In our series of transponders, we introduce the Disc Tags. Disc Tags are transponders that are laminated between very thin sheets of foil. Foils can be constructed from different materials such as PET, PETG or PVC. These foils are customized to protect the transponders from dust, dirt and humidity

The special foil enables the user to further assemble and label the transponders. It also becomes convenient to use. Different foil materials are suited for different applications. For example, PET is appropriate for most pharmaceutical, medical and food applications. It also makes it possible to punch a central hole in the disc. These are also available with adhesive foil on one side. To learn more about our Disc Tags and their applications along with user data, you can call or write to us using our contact form on the Contact Us page. We are happy to provide you with additional information and technical data.


  • Possibility of combining two different chip technologies in one prelam
  • Different sheet formats are available 1 × 5, 2 × 5, 3 × 6, 3 × 7, 3 × 8, 3 × 10, 4 × 10 up to 640 × 520 mm


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Warranty:One Year Warranty
Annual Maintenance Contract:Available