Yamaha Loyalty Reward Solution

Yamaha Loyalty Reward SolutionYamaha Loyalty Reward Solution

Yamaha’s loyalty solution is a major project for deploying its services for 46 different locations in UAE. It is a partial client of AVI Infosys services that providing reliable solutions of loyalty to their customers. They also include web hosting servers and distributed up to 5 thousand loyalty smartcards.

It is highly committed to the quality, experience of customers. They wanted to see financing solutions that almost with Yamaha dealers and through their websites. Yamaha’s Loyalty solution offered competitive rates and terms of condition for its customers. Yamaha was focusing on enhancing its customers by providing reliable modern technology and the need for market products.

Compared to Yamaha and other companies, Yamaha provides more ability to own by offering charming, sustainable solutions.

Business Requirements:

  • Yamaha’s researchers had created a system loyalty solution to work as a technology for successfully market-tested at one of the major retailers.
  • They required the technology which uses Yamaha motor and loyalty tags for individual customers.
  • Yamaha’s experience makes enables to uniquely position in his company to provide loyalty reward solutions.


  • Loyalty supported concept by fasting supply chains and making them more valuable customers.
  • Yamaha’s loyalty is able for financial services that provide you the independence to select the Yamaha that like.
  • The loyalty program system for Yamaha offered a flexible solution for more products that others can’t.
  • Yamaha’s loyalty system evolved in financial service customers, easy to review loan details securely accessed online.


  • The loyalty solution automatically monitoring financial service offers.
  • The Yamaha loyalty solution provided discounts to users who will be able to loyal or select extended.
  • You purchase one or more products, and you will be excited when you bring it into your home by getting a solution of loyalty rewards.
  • Users will qualify for the getting loyalty program of Yamaha discount in three processes.
    • The good standing of the current loan.
    • Proof of user ownership.
    • Purchase more Yamaha products in individual contact.