Sky Jewelry Loyalty Rewards Solutions

Sky Jewelry Loyalty Rewards SolutionsSky Jewelry Loyalty Rewards Solutions

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sky Jewelry, a fashion jewelry club, has the top most ranker of Gold brands in Dubai and a major loyalty project that deployed their products for all different UAE locations. This jewelry club distributed smart cards for up to 20 thousand.

It is a partial client of AVI Infosys service and working on a loyalty reward solution to obey the corporate social responsibility.

Sky Jewelry has a loyalty program for the unique extension and existence of well-known jewelry groups.

Sky Jewelry club distributed loyalty reward solution smart cards to provide their admired members more rewards for identifying their loyalty and carrying on their trust in their brand.

Business Requirement

  • Sky Jewelry present you their respectable member with their loyalty cards they will provide you easy access to redeem loyalty points with Sky jewelry group.
  • Loyalty smart card automatically store points daily when you selected to buy another delectable gold jewelry piece.
  • Your desires loyalty card has increased exceptional shopping that you want to purchase to elegant gold jewelry and unique thinking.
  • Using a system of strategy from digital convergence, Sky Jewelry has sat off a move in the competitive environment by the loyalty program.


  • Each shopping at sky jewelry by smart loyalty card provides you bonus points to easily transfer into paper currency.
  • Sound card enrolled members are notable awards about the accumulated status of regular bonus points.
  • If anyone uses your loyalty card, it will entitle you to more and more bonus points in every usage.
  • Purchasing diamonds and gold, they offer more and more rewarding points and smart choice to redeem many free Gifts from the Group.


  • Sky loyalty cards provide a bundle of benefits along with a moment of the present to your constant support.
  • Every single purchasing moment with sky jewelry is becoming a faultless moment in shopping.
  • Offline Smartcard based Loyalty system was installed in No time.
  • Out of Box Features had all which was required by Group to start Loyalty project in No Time.