Loyalty Rewards Solutions for Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Hotel and ResortsBanyan tree Thailand

Project Location: Phuket, Thailand

Banyan Tree Hotel and Resorts are considered into most top ranker hospitality brands with several world’s awards and honors from publications. It is a major loyalty system project and a Prestigious client of AVI Infosys Loyalty rewards service. This project deploys its products through Thailand with the distribution of a loyalty smartcard up to 10 thousand loyalty card members. It has achieved by votes as best Spa Brand by the developed system of the entire world.

The Banyan tree’s loyalty reward solution, banyan tree builds up a domestic level charge sanctuary providing a space to restore the body, soul, and mind in awe-inspiring areas worldwide. Banyan trees are responsible for their loyalty commitment program for the guest, client, and social environment by offering a journey of iconic cities.

Business Requirement:

  • Develop a loyalty card system for part of the strategy from the initial start and improved the change from traditional paper based vouchers.
  • Competed in typical challenges in a new environment and created aggressive benefits.
  • Corporate management makes a commitment to customers and their expectations by loyalty reward program and provided excellent services.
  • The loyalty reward system project established ourselves as an exclusive and preferred guest for some most comfortable and luxuries in price competition.
  • Organized to build a solid enterprise with a customization network and overall services.

Benefits of Loyalty Rewards Card System:

  • Enjoyment of members by loyalty benefits and advantages creates their stays, although specific, as the system is loyal.
  • The Banyan tree announced forever membership that will get together to buildup and manage banyan trees’ brands by the loyalty program.
  • The banyan tree’s global loyalty program for its members is more hotels and destinations to select from the entire world.
  • Banyan tree loyalty program offered luxury hotels and resorts for sense in new and genuine accommodations.

Solution Offered:

  • Out of Box Loyalty rewards system.
  • Deployed in no time, very easy to use.
  • Web-based Staff and Customer engagement tools
  • Instant points earning and redemption platform
  • Offline Transactions no need for an internet connection to do loyalty transactions.
  • Banyan tree Created a strong partnership with some international best brands loyalty based association that gives access to Accor Hotels’ international reservation and sales network along with their le Club AccorHotels.
  • Due to the Loyalty program, the banyan tree allowed carrying securing hotel management agreement on their own success banyan tree Resorts and Hotels enlargement with AccorHotels.