Loyalty Reward Solution for Al Nasr Cultural and Sports Club

Loyalty Reward Solution for Al Nasr Cultural and Sports ClubLoyalty Reward Solution for Al Nasr Cultural and Sports Club

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Nasr Cultural and Sports Club had developed the Loyalty Reward modern program model for being thankful to all faithful club members. This sports club is a prestigious client of AVI Infosys. The Al Nasr Culture and Sports club qualified for offering to a club member to get special rights and advantages.

The Loyalty Rewards Solution program for this club is most beneficial for members’ loyalty programs to access the member for watching live matches. They are also providing them a loyalty point to motivate them to participate frequently to watch games in their sports stadium.

Al Nasr distributed smartcards up to 5 thousand by loyalty Rewards program for club members; that loyalty program makes it easier for their members to get participants in the club and avails related benefits.

Business Requirements:

  • Organized a modern system of loyalty program that had approached the evolvement, desires and expectations of members.
  • That system changed from a traditional method to a loyalty-based program and run by society and social interaction. Kept members socialized who wanted to register with their sports clubs.
  • Provided Satisfaction to loyalty reward program for club members into rewarded on their term for spreading content.

Benefits of Sports Loyalty rewards solution :

  • Loyalty reward program attracted club members by socialized their intensely loyal members.
  • AL Nasr Loyalty Reward had promoted its club members’ loyalty due to its best equalizer, attracting a club member.
  • The loyalty reward program enhanced the business of the Al Nasr sports club at the iconic status in the thoughts of the world’s customers.
  • Al Nasr sports club increased his brand’s value by offering loyalty rewards that attracted people to grow up your business.

Solution Offered :

  • Instant card issuance and system deployment.
  • Out of the Box system to ensure quick deployment.
  • Offline backend engine, Transactions can be done in offline mode without the availability of internet connection.
  • Al Nasr Loyalty Reward Solution is beneficial for its club members by registering in their club and get offers of their loyalty rewards.
  • This club had started to customize a new My Reward for a program providing loyalty reward solutions to their club members.
  • Peoples selected themselves for membership in the sports club to get benefits from loyalty rewards.