Loyalty Reward Solution for Agrivita Feed Solutions

Agrivita feed solutions

Project Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Agrivita feed solutions are part of Prestigious Agthia Group and specialize in supply chain management for animal feed solution in Abu Dhabi since 1981.
Times have changed and requirements for livestock and food quality have also changed. The Riaya Farm Care Program helps farmers to keep with the times and requirements to develop livestock care in line with modern methods. A team of specialists from the Riaya Farm Care Program will provide planned nutrition and integrated care for the livestock according to the ages and stages of each animal’s lifespan. The team will have periodic follow-ups and adjustments to ensure livestock is kept healthy. The Riaya Farm Care Program is designed to support all farms seeking to develop their livestock and increase their productivity to achieve greater returns on investment.
Agrivita Loyalty Program is a new step towards opening new horizons in the world of livestock investment and a significant contribution to supporting sustainable local farming and rewarding them for their participation in the business ecosystem.

It had developed a system that will encourage stakeholders while the financial condition has to persuade so away in previous records to challenge our operations. Agrivita had worked on developing a loyalty reward program for rewarding the farmers and Villa Owners with significant values.
Agrivita is a prestigious client of AVI Infosys loyalty rewards. Agrivita Loyalty system projects ensure the ability to meet the requirements for standard quality animal feed products supply chain requirements in UAE.

Business Requirements:

  • Agrivita management had carried out to exhibit its commitment to give significant values; they had adopted mean value ranges, items, loyalty reward programs.
  • Loyalty reward became a source of success for the company by adopting its business models to various conditions.
  • Provide best-quality necessary and have confidence in beverage and products of animal foods for farmer’s and Villa Owners in entire UAE.

Benefits of Loyalty Reward Cards Solution:

  • Get a happier and healthier animal life through affordable service by Loyalty reward cards offers, Agrivita loyalty can turn into selfless in serving farmers and Villa owners to overcome challenges or buy new opportunities.
  • Avail a creative spirit ignites innovation and influences everything and everyone.
  • Knowledge about what it takes to do an excellent job each day, Agrivita enthusiasm keeps you innovating, and creating the merchandise that delights clients and Villa communities may help a supporter business speed up than their sales and other marketing groups.
  • This loyalty rewards program kept all customers and partners connected to business forever, and repeat business is now assured due to points accumulation on all customers’ loyalty cards.

Solution Offered:

  • Offline POS terminals are rolled out in all Direct Distributing points of Agrivita, Distributors and Dealer Locations,
  • Offline POS terminals do not need an internet connection to do transactions in remote areas.
  • Agrivita Loyalty Reward Solution supports farmers and Villa Owners by loyalty reward cards to fulfill their valuable success as each time they buy products, Loyalty points were accumulated and once customers qualify for redemption they used to get cashback offers and hypermarket vouchers and gift cards of leading retailers.
  • This loyalty reward kept to the customers and partner connected to business forever and repeat business is now assured due to points accumulation on all customers loyalty cards.
  • The company follows the new market trends in the animal feed industry through modern technology development and cost optimization efforts.