LG Loyalty Rewards Solutions

LG Loyalty Rewards SolutionsLG Loyalty Rewards Solutions

One of the most top ranker’s hospitality brands and major loyalty projects deployed their products for all different UAE locations. LG providing web server hosting in head office UAE with distributions of the smart card up to five thousand. It is a partial client of AVI Infosys service and working on a loyalty reward solution to obey the corporate social responsibility.

LG has openly provided its electronics and reliability performance to its shareholders. LG loyalty reward solution is key Pace and Performances in the reports, with consideration to stakeholder interest and impression on LG Electronics. It has recognized key sustainability administration points with a Materiality Evaluation and illustrated alternatives and threat factors. LG’s loyalty continues to make the most of these points as key indicators for their sustainability administration performance.

Business Requirement:

  • Using a digital convergence system has sat off a move in the competitive environment by the loyalty program.
  • The loyalty reward solution had tried to compete with challenges and created an aggressive benefit and became critical to secure technology and information depth.
  • Corporate management made a commitment to customers by their loyalty reward program and highlights the importance of marketing insight, which consists technically.


  • Increased customer value is a necessity in after availed service because of initial and reason for after service.
  • LG’s loyalty reward promoted modern brand identity.
  • LG group upgrades continuously to the customer’s channel of communication.
  • They developed a system for individual points of contact to energized customers in the team of management.
  • Services network had increased the quality of their service to tighten the capacity to provide unrivaled premium service.


  • LG group provided awareness into their customer’s demand, and expectations concerning their services and identify factor satisfaction or dissatisfaction by the loyalty program.
  • LG Loyalty reward solution striving to provide precise services via their developed a technical system that mix-up the skills of services allowed technical center along with specialized training.