Dunes Hotel Apartments Loyalty Reward Solution

Dunes Hotel Apartments

Dunes Hotel Apartment provides development for all hotels and F & B outlets from different UAE locations. They are using a Loyalty Reward program comprising three levels named platinum, gold, and silver, and it is rewarding to recurrent guests with appreciative stays, food, and other related benefits.

The loyalty program creates a hassle-free system that can easily operate. It is a partial client of AVi Infosys. The Dunes Hotel Apartment is interested in focusing on offers gifts and tribute of value. Therefore The Dunes Hotel Apartments loyalty reward solution provides the webserver hosting in UAE head office with the distribution of 5thousand Smartcards.

Business Requirements:

  • Developed a new loyalty program system that had approached the involving desired and expectation of customers for getting their services.
  • The system that had provided loyalty services for their customers from traditional loyalty-based programs and kept customers socialize who wanted to become a member of the Dunes Hotel apartment.
  • Providing services to loyalty reward programs for customers and guests for earned their points on guests’ online account in 24 hours, issues that up to date balance will show on singing in.


  • Dunes Hotel Apartment loyalty reward program encouraged the entire UAE by socializing their intensely loyal customers.
  • Adopted a system that promotes its customers’ due to online loyalty reward program.
  • Al Dune Hotel Apartment increased its reputation and values by offering loyalty rewards that motivated its customers to grow their business.
  • The Loyalty Rewards Solutionprogram for this Dunes Hotel Apartment service is the most beneficial for the customer’s loyalty program for getting assistance.
  • Along with them providing a loyalty rewards system, more satisfaction and redemption are rapid on checkout.


  • Al Dunes Loyalty Reward Solution is beneficial for its customer by its three tiers Platinum, Gold, and Silver
  • Their service offered loyalty reward solutions as a gift to their customer and guests.
  • Dunes Hadiya is offering well-wishing gifts to their guest for their carry on their sponsorship.