Contactless Cashless Prepaid Gift Card Payment System for MAX Retail

Contactless Cashless Prepaid Gift Card Payment system for MAX RetailContactless Cashless Prepaid Gift Card Payment system for MAX Retail

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Max retail is part of the prestigious Landmark Group, UAE is always having a deep vision about the giant projects related to the retail industry. Besides that, they have been always digging deep to develop the sector retail and supply chain especially related to the Readymade garments industry globally.

MAX is the ultimate shopping destination with a wide range of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for women, men, and kids. Since its launch in 2004 across the Middle East, Max aims to provide exciting new products and designs to its customers across stores and online marketplace.

Max Partnered with local Charity Group to offer Cloths to all Poor People registered under charity program, During every year EID Al Adha time Charity group Distribute Preloaded Fix demonization based Gift Cards to all needy poor people, So they can walk to any MAX retail Shops in UAE and Buy free donated Cloths for the entire family. To make it happen, they have been making expansions in order to develop many Digital transaction innovations.

Business requirement

  • Max Group wanted a closed Loop Smartcard based payment system to be deployed in all Max Stored within UAE.
  • During EID AL ADHA every year Charity group would like to distribute preloaded prepaid cards to all needy members registered under the charity program
  • Max wishes to implement closed-loop offline smartcard-based system to roll out all quakily.
  • Online transaction report and preloaded money need to be sent to the charity group for processing MAX payments for supplying clothes to charity group members.
  • It required real-time transaction reports for accounting, Inventory, and settlement purposes.
  • Smartcards need to have 64 Bits of Encryption on all cards to mitigate risk

Benefits of Contactless Cashless Prepaid Gift Card Payment system

  • More security when it comes to payment
  • No limitation especially for a huge amount of money in the field of retailing
  • Instant activation and digital Transaction
  • Offline cashless engine does not require internet availability for doing transactions
  • A very simple and handy method of payment, nothing complicated
  • Real time Analytical dashboards and reports to monitor and gauge the charity program.

Solution offered

  • Offline POS terminals were rolled out in all MAX Stores in no time.
  • Offline payment transactions technology which can still work without network or Internet availability.
  • All Transactional Data can be sent back to Backend Servers in a delayed manner without the need for any expensive internet connection or network infrastructure.
  • Instant activation and distribution of cards, does not need any special skill set or technical knowledge to operate.
  • Charity group members were happy to walk into any MAX Store within the UAE and can purchase clothes one time or can use available balances anytime during the charity program validity period.
  • Tap& Go sales Transactions had made all operations so smooth and fast Moreover, they can make their transaction in a very secure and safe way. The prepaid system is relying on a high level of encryption technology. Like that, you will be always protecting your data and payment information from a third party.
  • Another advantage of the prepaid system is that clients can make their purchases in zero delta time. The transaction can take place instantly with none additional paper process. Everything can be done in a virtual way.
  • Program Admins get access to all live online portal reports during the event and can do more On-Site promotions to increase sales on the spot
  • Final Settlement on-demand reports is always available on the spot with no manual, etc.