Contactless Cashless Payment system for Jeddah Waterfront

Jeddah Waterfront

Project Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Jeddah has been always the top attractive destination in Saudi Arabia. The government always works hard to make the city more attractive than ever before in the gulf area. Year after year, it brings innovative ways to keep the citizens, Visitors, and investors satisfied with what the giant city offers. In fact, the Jeddah waterfront wants to give the best quality of services to the visitors.

Business requirement :

The city is receiving a huge amount of offers for projects for many local and foreign investors from around the globe after the Govts PPP Initiative. The Jeddah waterfront is one of the top sites that gain huge popularity in the entire country due to its close proximity to the Macca pilgrimage. It privies the top facilities to their visitors. However, the payment system for all paid facilities was facing a lot of complications due to the heavy footfall of visitors. Especially when we talk about the traditional ways of payment. People in Jeddah waterfront were complaining a lot about the classical payment method there. They have been asking for a new and effective method to pay in the whole Jeddah waterfront areas with speed and accuracy to clear long queues in all paid facilities areas like Public Toilets, Kiosk Salespoints, Paid VIP Smart Toilets and Paid Recreation Facilities next to Beach fronts.

Solution offered

Today, with the development of the new cashless payment card method, locals and foreigners visiting Jeddah waterfront are very satisfied with the fast-Digital Payment service. The technology can be used to pay for all paid facilities No matter you have a change of Banknotes in your pocket or not you can purchase anything or any service in the Jeddah waterfront. There is no restriction when it comes to the amount of money you spend their using closed-loop payment card system. In addition to that, the transaction can be very secure comparing to the classic method. You can rely on a very effective and instant payment and transaction during your stay in Jeddah waterfront. All Public Toilets and facilities are controlled by cashless prepaid access control gates and all Visitors are now happy with speed, Security, and Digital Access method to make use of all paid facilities.

Benefits of Contactless Cashless prepaid card System:

  • Very fast Digital Transactions service
  • You will get rid of the technical problems related to payment processing.
  • No more banknotes change problem
  • Digital auto-debit based Digital Access control method to enter all paid facilities within Jeddah waterfront
  • A very effective and reliable method of payment In Jeddah waterfront public facilities.
  • Long queues of Visitor payments can be processed in less than 1 sec per transaction.