Contactless Cashless Payment system for Dubai Mall Staff Canteen

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Mall Management wants to make different optimized facilities for the employees, especially for Canteen payment. Employee Happiness is priority number one of The Dubai Mall Management office. Such an organization works day and night to provide the best Canteen Dining experience for its visitors & Employees.

Business Requirement:

Employees, Visitors, and Sub Contractors of the Dubai mall always encounter problems related to their Canteen payments. One of the potential problems facing the Employees and Visitors is the time they spend in Canteen to do Cash payments to buy Meals during Breakfast, Tea, and Lunch breaks. It is also a challenge for all canteen cashiers to handle the change of the enormous amounts of Banknotes and to do change management for cash transactions.

Solution offered:

Thanks to the cashless payment system implement in the Dubai mall, all the technical problems related to payment are going to vanish. As a result, Employees and Visitors are going to be securely using new Cashless prepaid cards and amounts can be top-up by all in advance. They can pay using smart-card-based prepaid cards. All the methods are supported in the new system of the contactless cashless system in the new The Dubai Mall Central Canteen. Daily cash counting and change management become so easy.

Benefits of Contactless Canteen Prepaid Payment card System:

  • It will prevent Employees from falling into the trap of scam and fraud
  • Instant money transactions
  • Staff get Meals in no time as Transactions take less than 1 sec to finish
  • No long queues in Canteen on Rush lunch hours.
  • NO need to deal with Cash counting daily.
  • Cash accounting and change management becomes so easy to manage
  • Prepaid Balances can be top-up anytime
  • Reliable and handy service for all people
  • Optimized in costs and transaction fees, too
  • High level of protection for Transactional data and information security in Private Cloud Server.