CocaCola Loyalty Reward Solution

CocaCola Loyalty Reward SolutionCocaCola Loyalty Reward Solution

CocaCola Loyalty Reward is a modern program model showing the massive quality of being thankful for all faithful consumers, and it is a partial client of AVi Infosys. The service of CocaCola Reward offers you to get a special right and advantages.

The CocaCola Loyalty Rewards Solution program is most beneficial for customer loyalty programs for 16 different Libya locations. It provides a web hosting server in UAE Head office and distributed smartcards up to 15 thousand. CocaCola inaugurated My Coke Loyalty Rewards; users were still using manually inserting the discount codes.

The previous year, this company changed the program into a rank that depends on participants’ social participation. Still, it had not become beneficial for users. Hence, Coca-Cola developed a new marketing technology system brand that has the potential of a loyalty program that had approached the involving desires and expectations of members.

Business Requirements:

  • Organized system that changed from the traditional method to a loyalty-based program that runs by society and social interaction. Kept customers happy who wanted to purchase the product to run their economy.
  • Retailers changed and consumed more time and money with the new Cock loyalty program.
  • Satisfied your members into rewarded on their term for transferring content they may intend to form devices they are using in their proteins.


  • Your customer loyalty program attracts your customer by a social corporation that nourishing the international community with the largest global selling soft drink.
  • Coca Cola Loyalty Reward promoted its customer loyalty due to customers’ enhanced their business at an iconic status in the world’s customers’ thoughts.
  • Customers chosen themselves for membership to avail benefits from the loyalty program.
  • Coca Cola Company increased their brand’s value by offering initial rewards to attract customers to grow up your loyalty ladder.


  • CocaCola Loyalty Reward Solution is beneficial for customers by getting a membership and avails their loyalty rewards.
  • This bottling company had started to customize a new My Cock Reward for School program providing new routes to donate more Schools.
  • Loyalty program made an easier way for customers to get participants in it and get related benefits.