Club Membership System For Aviation Professionals Club

APC- imageClub Membership system project for Aviation Professionals Club- APC

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Since 2000, the Aviation Professionals Club (APC) has been the leading lifestyle club for pilots. Established by pilots for pilots, APC complements the lifestyle of our members by offering a wide range of benefits and organizing social, sporting, and leisure opportunities for our members in the United Arab Emirates and down-route around the world.

APC membership is open to all pilots who work for airlines across the UAE including Emirates Airlines, Etihad, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, and Dubai Air Wing, etc. Air Traffic Controllers and selected top-level management within the airlines are also eligible for membership. The club has approximately 7,000 adult members.

The APC is run by a Committee of members, led by an Executive Board comprising the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and the Treasurer. The Committee meets on a regular basis to manage the affairs of the club.

APC  is a leading professional club for pilots across the UAE, established in 2000, the company has 7000 registered adult members till now who are provided lavish lifestyles and luxurious services including fitness, food, and entertainment.

Business Requirements:

  • The client wants to get rid of manual attendance and Headcount management and wish to digitize this by branded APC membership smartcards.
  • Using smartcard-based system access control policies can be enforced for better control, monitoring, and reporting purposes.
  • It provides analytical information about where and when members are going.
  • It helps to provide correct visit reports and payments from the club will be paid based on members’ facility/Outlet Access and by headcounts as well.

Benefits of Smartcard based Club Membership system:

  • It makes members experience better by doing Digital Check-in in all participating merchant outlets/Facilities.
  • It reduces the effort of management in taking records of every outlet or partner visit details.
  • It eliminates the risk of carrying cash for members
  • Members can carry cards and can use them as and when required.
  • It Saves time to get digital access to any partner outlet location
  • It Improves administrative efficiency.

Solution Offered:

  1. To encounter the problem we developed a smart card that stops the use of cash and introduces a cashless system.
  2. Offline terminals were deployed in all leading partner locations.
  3. These cards are made with the latest technological features
  4. Offline membership terminals do not need an internet connection to do CHECK-IN transactions.
  5. Rather than carrying multiple cards in your pockets, it provides one card for your every partner visit needs
  6. These cards avoid any sort of human contact as all cards are absolutely contactless.
  7. All online headcount and outlet wise reports are provided for better visibility, monitoring, and control.
  8. It is only specified to use for our services with a completely secure and privileged system.