Cashless System in the British International School

Cashless System in the British International SchoolCashless System in the British International School

Project Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

British International School, Abu Dhabi, UAE had introduced a cashless system to all its schools. They aim to make the whole system cashless. To avail of these benefits, all parents and students should get registered. Multiple users like parents can use one account, and students can use the same account which will be mapped to prepaid smart cards. The school has made cashless cards for all students with their details.

Now Students can use these Prepaid payment cards to pay bills in school and parents can reload the cards by using their debit/Credit cards online via parents’ payment portal.

Business Requirement:

Going cashless is a new trend in the modern world. Mostly business people, either big or small, are inclined to this method of payment. Primarily schools are also switching to these cashless cards. As it is less time-consuming and the fastest way for payments.

According to the survey, 80% of schools use this system for parents to pay their dues. It’s easily manageable. In this way, the money will be safe and secure; now, students will not spend or waste their changed money, buying unhealthy snacks from outside school.

This system is also helpful in keeping the record of students’ educational expenditures. It formalizes all the transactions done by parents for students.

Solution Offered:

  • The cashless system is in need of our—modern problems in smart solutions. Now parents or students don’t need to line up in the queue for paying school fees and other fees like Events, trips, canteen payments, etc.
  • The cashless card system reduces the risk of theft or fraud as it is secured with digital Encrypted prepaid smartcards. So it lowers the crime rate. It also facilitates both the Student and School Administration.
  • One more benefit is hygiene, as in corona times, many types of research show these viruses can spread from Banknotes because Banknotes circulates from one hand to another many time a day.
  • For switching to this system, all parents need to do is reload their accounts anytime they want. And submit these school payment dues online with their comfort zone.