Cashless System for United Nations World Food Program


UN-WFP is one of the most privileged UN-Organization in feeding meals to needed people around the world. It is always fighting hunger around the globe. The organization has a vast network around the entire planet. It is why they need a robust canteen management system to make their missions accomplished quickly.

The client is a humanitarian organization that is helping approximately 100 Million people around the globe in 83 countries. It provides food, shelter, and nutrition to the deserving people with the aim to end world hunger and poverty.

Business Requirements:

  • We are adopting the canteen management system, which helps the world food program to supply food packets to all countries where they provide Food Aid Service.
  • The client’s business required a closed-loop cashless system deployed for buying food rations and to supply nutrition across the globe for which they have to manage the cost and payment record.
  • The manual cash system is a hectic job and will be very time consuming to collect and manage a record of payments. With a Cashless system, it will be easy to manage payments instantly.
  • Paper based Vouchers need to be Converted to Digital Meal Cards.
  • Fraud and Misuse can be minimized using Digital Meal card system.
  • The system offers a considerable level of encryption to the data. Especially when it comes to the organization, all the information is much classified and needed to be highly encrypted.

Solution Offered:

  • The infrastructure is very advanced. The technology and networking use in the system can make the server always running without any interruptions.
  • The voucher counting is captured Digitally now and is easy& straightforward, thanks to the system features.
  • Cashless system project for the united nations world food program offers a smart card system
  • It considers all the latest and advanced technologies and highly updated features.
  • It allows using the Budget amount for food purchasing safely and instantly in less time.
  • The specific cashless system is exclusively made for this program and would not be used for any other purpose.
  • The cash amount in the card will not be used for any other cause except for the purpose of purchasing food.
  • The card system is a secure way and developed with the aim to reduce the use of paper cash.
  • The cashless system will prove as a precautionary measure to avoid human interaction regarding safety from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The Meal card user can adjust his account to change his information remotely.
  • The major MMS System project deployment for WFP offices in Yemen and Syria, for distributing 50K Prepaid Meal Vouchers to refugees in the Both War Zones. The admin panel is convenient and respects user experience rules. Any person can use the admin interface to grant roles in the system, add users, or even delete accounts.
  • The financial and administrative tasks are covered by the canteen management system too.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution:

  1. The meals timing can be scheduled according to the client shots.
  2. All Meal Cards can be Top-Up by Authorized UN-WFP Top-up Stations as per quota given to them
  3. The cashless system can protect the users from contact, especially during disease period like the pandemic, and you do need to contact with others if you want to purchase a meal from the canteen.
  4. The system offers an excellent chance for hygiene, no need for cash.
  5. The middle man and fraud problems are ended thanks to the canteen payment system.