Cashless School System of Reach British School

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The cashless system of Reach British School is the best experience in collecting fees for students and the salary of working staff. Annual fees in three installments can be paid through a cashless system with proper records.

Reach British School is a high professional School. It appreciates student’s abilities, their background from where they came to learning. It facilitates a supportive environment and international standards for growing up their students.

As the number of Schools growing along with their branch every year, a cashless payment system is becoming their priority.

It is good standard quality and reasonable fees for British School and a member of the International British Partnership School. Reach British School managed all dues like payment of staff salaries, School income, and dinner cost money through Cashless Payment System.

Benefits of the cashless system of Reach British School

  1. A cashless payment system reduces the time required to collect School’s fees from Students, parents through phone calls, and mails.
  2. With the help of the cashless payment system, School’s finance has been Improved.
  3. Parents feel easy to pay for a few uniforms, medals, and educational trips.
  4. It is the best procedure to collect regular payments and make invoices online through smartphones and computers.


  • Cashless payment delivers on time, and it can be tracked with accuracy.
  • It reduces the risk of handling money in School and saves administrator time.
  • For the cashless payment system of Reach British School, it is beneficial for their student parents.
  • Reducing the risk of stolen or losing money for refreshment.
  • Cashless payment system through the Android phone’s application and websites that accessible to all parents and School management through School’s made Software.
  • A smooth and eco-social payment system gives parents, students, and school opportunities and encourages totally without cash.