Cashless Campus Prepaid Card System In Secondary Technical School


Project Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The cashless system in secondary schools is essential. In 2017, a total consumer, 23%, made transactions with cash. As our electronic environment is ever-evolving, many schools choose to go cashless to provide a safer school environment. Businesses are increasingly welcoming credit, debit, and online payments. Schools also embrace this trend for several reasons. Online payments are becoming the preferred method for consumers. The rise of online income is increasing day by day. The district leaders are looking forward to understanding the value of enabling parents and other community members who have established these new Digital payment preferences.

Business Requirement:

  • It is nowadays the business requirement to have a cashless payment system generating revenue. The cashless payment system of STS School provides the facility of Cashless smartcard to their Students, Staff, and Parents, with mobile app and websites interfacing keys.
  • This Cashless payment system smartcard is used for School inside the area.
  • In case of emergency, STS School conducted a Mock drill for students’ critical assembly point and same cards are used for opening access control gates.
  • STS School is responsible for providing a safe & Hygienic environment every day.
  • To make the school canteen 100% cashless for faster clearing of long queues during lunch breaks.

Benefits of Cashless School card Payment System:

  • A cashless payment system reduces the time required to collect School’s fees and for day to day canteen transactions.
  • With the help of the cashless payment system School’s finance has been Improved as all parents need to top-up monies in smartcards in advance.
  • Parents feel easy to pay a small number of uniforms, medals, and educational trips.
  • It is the best procedure to collect regular payments and make invoices online through smartphones and computers
  • Students and parents can easily view the last available balances and also a history of cashless payment transactions.

Solution Offered:

  1. Paperwork has been stopped for sending a notice to fee defaulters.
  2. The student is feeling safe from the theft of money.
  3. Social Distancing can be done during COVID-19 Prevention times.
  4. Parents receive notification of Cashless payment smartcards when used for purchasing any items by their Children.
  5. There is no need for students to carry physical banknotes to school.
  6. Students can purchase from School’s made Cashless payment smartcard in School stationary Shop and Canteen.
  7. A cashless payment system cab is for paying fine of the School library.
  8. As per Requirement of Student, Parents have to credit the amount in cashless payment system smartcards.
  9. It is easy for parents to pay School and School bus Fees in a cashless payment system.
  10. Cashless Payment System reduces the effort of management for chasing to collect fees and their precious time.