Cashless System in Applied Technology High School

Applied Technology High School newly introduced a cashless system for providing convenient feeling to students, parents, working staff, and management, regarding money handling problems. The parent can avail of this opportunity to pay in a cashless school fee system, meals, and trip costs is a very sampling way.

Applied Technology High School offers a carrier-based engineering school, providing the best quality standard of mathematics and science to help scientists and engineers’ future careers.

It improves performance and benefits revenue through a new system of a cashless system.

Through the latest cashless system, Applied Technology High School avails many advantages such as Safety, Reliability, Convenience, Discretion, and Health care.

Benefits of a cashless system of Applied Technology High School

  1. Applied Technology High School thought to provide prepaid Cards to parents for their ease while paying school fees on time. This card will be applicable everywhere, having dual facilities credit and debit.
  2. Your transaction will be secure by security PIN, and if you’re facing issues in your Card, Applied Technology High School will be responsible for changing it, either it has been lost or stolen.
  3. This card can top up by any shop or money traveler. This card efficiently managed online services through websites and mobile phone applications.


  • Parents can get alert notification of any transaction through the Cashless system.
  • It has cut the essential requirement of students for bringing cash or cheque in schools.
  • The cashless system is providing parents with stress reduced.
  • For pay money of their Children for School charges.
  • They solved the security risk of losing money or cheque in school.

They reduced school management’s precious time for managing the school’s revenue-making payment cheque for their staff.

It is a supporting and genius way to collect an individual’s payment.

The cashless system records automatically in incomes and expanse of Schools.