Cashless School System in Al-Ittihad Schools

Al-Ittihad-Private-School-in-Al-Safa-DubaiAL itihad

Al-Ittihad Private School system is a vibrant school system with highly qualified educational professionals worldwide. It’s an American education system that delivers a quality education system in Abu Dhabi . As an international school system and providing a distance learning system, Al-Ittihad School System needs a cashless system for running it more successfully.

Business Requirement:

  • In today’s world, a cashless system is mandatory to run a business.
  • Digitalization has made it more accessible for people to do their mobile phones, credit cards, and online banking system.
  • It also means more profit for an organization.
  • Cashless system also increases the trust and loyalty of the customers.
  • The cashless system gives the organization peace of mind and costumers that transactions are completed safely and quickly.

Solution Offered :

  1. A cashless system is beneficial for the Al-Ittihad Schools because online payment applications will significantly lower the time, effort, and expense required compared to physically collecting and chasing cash payments from pupils and parents.
  2. A cashless system will also allow Al-Ittihad School staff to request, collect, and record payments as a fee significantly more comfortable and efficient manner through user-friendly software packages. It will also significantly reduce the cost and environmental effects of sending hundreds of reminders to submit fees to parents.
  3. For most parents, it isn’t easy to make punctual payments to schools in short notice.
  4. A cashless payment system will help parents with direct notifications when fees need to be paid and offers a quick and easy way to transfer funds.
  5. It will also help parents’ budget for school costs and manage regular payments without sending cash or visiting the school for fee payment.
  6. Worldwide school systems, especially in the UK, the US, Japan, and Australia, seeking a faster and more efficient way to collect regular payments are turning to innovative online solutions to make convenient, safe, and secure payments to fulfill all the expenditures schools. So it’s the right time for the Al-Ittihad School System to introduce a cashless system as it needs a digitalized and contactless money system of the modern world.

Benefits of Contactless Cashless System:

  • Cashless system project will enable them to avoid the use of paper cash.
  • Online transactions can be done easily.
  • There will be no need to keep cash with Students always.
  • Portable and small size card.
  • Cashless system is secure and fast.
  • It is easy to manage.
  • It is a quick and time-saving payment method to avoid long queues in School Canteens during rush lunch break times.
  • Cashless system lowers the chance of robbery and counterfeit money.
  • It reduces the efforts of transporting and counting the cash in central finance departments with schools.