Cashless School System in ADNOC School


A cashless system is a new adoption of ADNOC School for looking for robust management systems in the School. The cashless system in ADNOC school helps in maintaining social distance during this condition of lockdown because of COVID-19 on an essential journey having a full range of contactless payment. The cashless system in ADNOC school helps it also saves away from robbers and thief, another opportunity of a cashless system in ANDOC school that cashless payment is also paid from apple pay and Samsung pay, is also available at all ADNOC convince stores and also available at all stations.

Business requirement

The cashless system in ANDOC school is a key component when you receive as payment however it is possible that in cashless business there is an absence of cash. By going cashless allows you to track every transaction makes business easy and beneficial

Although it is an abvious sign of success for all businesses as a business owner you can increase your business revenue that you can go a cashless system.though 9% of small business have been experienced a burglary or robbery lastly it makes businessman safer. Since by accepting card payments it takes less time than cash with the excellent and fast service your customer more likely tell others about your business.


There are many benefits of a cashless system in ANDOC school

1. It helps in lowing crime rates such as robbery and other crime

2. Cashless system avoids this problem that cash should be safe and are secure in an individual account

3.  In this way, international payment becomes much easier

4. Less cost and time associated with handling, depositing and storing paper money and it should be much beneficial and it also saves the time

5. Less money laundering because there is always a digital paper trail

6. Technology problem could access to your funds

Benefits of Cashless Payment System:

  • A cashless payment system reduces the time required to collect School’s fees and for day-to-day canteen transactions.
  • With the help of the cashless payment system, School’s finance has been Improved as all parents need to top-up monies in smartcards in advance.
  • Parents feel easy to pay a small number of uniforms, medals, and educational trips.
  • It is the best procedure to collect regular payments and make invoices online through smartphones and computers
  • Students and parents can easily view the last available balances and also the history of cashless payment transactions.