Cashless Payment System of Ajyal International School

Al Yasat School

AJYAL School Canteen

Ajyal International School provides all students with early exposure to Engineering & technology, medicine & health professionals, and the Arabian Gulf and globalization in line with the Abu Dhabi economic vision 2030.

The school includes a wireless campus with advanced technology infrastructure to support the learning of science labs, ICT suites, Design and technology, graphics and textile rooms, a large theatre, recording studios, a library, indoor swimming pools, a gymnasium, floodlit sports courts, and cafeteria.       

Benefits of Cashless System of Ajyal International School:

1) Cashless system of Ajyal international school is very simple to use for parents and the accounts department.

2) It reduces the risk of students losing cash or coupon.

3) It is perfect for both parents and students that card loading can be done in the school canteen.

4)Parents can restrict the daily expenditures of the students due to the cashless system.


  • A cashless payment system of Ajyal International School brings significant benefits to students, parents, and school, which includes:
  • It reduced costs and business risks for the Ajyal International School.
  • Making cash payments is time-consuming, so it’s a time saver.
  • There is no need to buy foreign currency in visiting foreign countries, because of cashless payment solutions.
  • It is an efficient tool to fight against corruption, as per the requirement of this school.
  • It eliminates the middleman, which is a safe and corruption-free system for the school.
  • In an actual cashless society, everyone will have access to the capital.

They will soon launch a more comfortable and more convenient way to pay your kids’ meal through an online payment system where you can select monthly dinners and pay through the debit card.