Cashless Prepaid Debit Card System in ADCB Bank

Project Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab emirates

ADCB Bank is using a closed-loop prepaid cashless system for the satisfaction of its customers. A closed-loop cashless system is ADCB Bank operates an electronic payment system that a cardholder can only use to make purchases from any IN campus Merchants. It’s also called a single all in one campus card. Closed-loop cashless cards work at only appointed onboarded Merchants within all campus locations.

Business Requirement:

  • The ADCB needs to add a cashless system, which is helpful for its student customers for a simple transactions.
  • ADCB wishes to offer a more attractive Transaction fee percentage to all its appointed merchants.
  • ADCB wishes to provide more cashback and loyalty points offers to all campus students.
  • The student uses white access cards to secondary cards for campus cashless transactions within School campuses.
  • Most people in business prefer time saving and secure banks, therefore it is essential to add a cashless system for campus cashless payment transactions.

Benefits of Cashless prepaid card solution :

  • Cashless system project will enable them to avoid the use of paper-based banknotes.
  • Online transactions can be done easily.
  • There will be no need to keep cash with you always.
  • Portable and existing white small size card.
  • The cashless system is secure and fast.
  • It is easy to manage.
  • It is a quick and timesaving system.
  • The cashless system lowers the chance of robbery and counterfeit money.
  • It reduces the efforts of transporting and counting the cash.

Solution offered:

  1. Secured PCI-DSS POS merchant terminals deployed in all campus locations.
  2. It makes a faster transaction.
  3. Self Service Student card activation for Cashless Card payment activations
  4. Merchant settlement and recon modules are deployed
  5. End to End Security of Infrastructure, Middleware and Comm. channels, etc.
  6. Role-Based Access to an online portal to be given to all school’s admin, Merchants admin, Banks Admin, Service provider admins, etc.
  7. A cashless system Protects merchants and banks from misuse or fraud attempts.
  8. It saves time and cost on Onboarding Merchants to the closed-loop payment system.
  9. Integration to Banks Core Payment switch using ISO 8583 Messaging comm.