Cashless Payment Solutions For Oaktree Primary School Dubai

Oaktree cashless payment solution

Schools want to provide the best services for their students during their journey of studies. For this reason, they always help them in all their aspects of routine student life, including financial and money matters.

Business Requirement:

Students can be faced with real danger for the actual pandemic. The transaction with the traditional ways can make it even worse. Besides, dealing with physical cash is very dangerous and can make the COVID-19 virus easily spread. Another problem faced by students is the slow pace of sending their payments. Like that, they always waste a lot of time during the process.

Solution Offered:

The new cashless payment method can handle a hygienic approach for many students around the campuses. They will make their payment happen, all respecting their safety measures for Coronavirus. Having a contactless cashless payment method can make Students protect themselves and their families whenever they are. Besides that, the alternative payment method brought a lot of facilities for making payments easy and handy.

Students today can pay with their digital Contactless cashless smartcards. No more restrictions at all for the method of paying anything on the campus. The alternative payment method is very efficient too. Students can track all the records of the payment. Like that, he will always know what he spends the most. The reports are also available thanks to the well-optimized cloud-based web application portal interface. Anyone within the campuses can use the service with no problem.

Benefits of School Contactless Cashless Payment System:

  • Very safe in cybersecurity sides
  • Very efficient and handy
  • Simple Single Tap&Go Debit Solution
  • Less than 1-sec Transaction Speed
  • Offline Cashless system technology, does not need the internet to do smart-card based Transactions.
  • Super easy-to-use interface
  • Digital Prevention to Mitigate Risk of COVID-19 Spread within Campuses.
  • The service is available for all types of device (responsive)
  • Student and Parents can track the financial behavior with the payment app