Cashless Campus System For Abu Dhabi Education Council

ADEC campus solutions

Project Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab emirates

Abu Dhabi’s education council’s primary role is to develop the education system and promote a culture of creativity and excellence to students’ betterment. In the UAE, neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia have moved into a network of online payments, an excellent alternative to credits and debit cards. The cashless system is essential in educational institutions.

Business Requirement:

  • Schools, colleges, and universities have worked hard to move them on digitizing the curriculums they deliver to students.
  • Parents and students can feel frustrated by the long process of queues at school accounts departments.
  • The management bears challenges for the accounts, and the finance department is tracking who has paid fees and who has not.
  • The challenge is for that finance person that they are not sure who they need to chase and how much is outstanding from the parents.

Benefits Of Prepaid Campus Cashless Solution:

  1. The finance department has to collect thousands of cheques from the parents, and there can be a problem in tracking the cheques that leads to a lot of frustration because people are very busy.
  2. It becomes more complicated because people are traveling; they need to pay in cash or by cheque where they physically have to go into the school.
  3. The major benefit of a cashless system is the misuse of lunch money through spending in shops.
  4. Monitoring of the number of meals consumed by the cashless process.
  5. Parents get reports regularly saying how that money was utilized by students.

Solution Offered:

  • Out of box system and very easy to use
  • The offline payment transaction engine does not need an internet connection to do transactions.
  • There is also an advantage for the school to reduce cash and cheque handling costs.
  • Transaction speed is now less than 1 sec per transaction, hence no more long queues during peak lunch break hour.
  • The cashless system is a powerful cafeteria management tool.
  • Faster transactions and queuing times are reduced through increase speed of services.
  • Time and attendance at the bus or school gate are implemented for monitoring and student movement within the campuses
  • It saves time for both parents and students by using the cashless system, and there are many more advantages.