Cashless Campus Solution for Lycée Français International School

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Schools and Universities bring an enormous interest to students to provide them with their needs during their years of studies. This is including all the aspects of their student life.

Business Requirement

Actually, making a financial transaction for a student can make them spend a lot of time and money. As a student, they will waste a lot of resources on fees and the high cost of transactions. Besides that, they may face some problems with security and cyber frauds too. Many students do not have the experience to deal with the security related to their money during transactions. School wanted to digitize all payments to speed up Canteen Transactions and was looking for a reliable and robust Prepaid cashless payment system.

Solution Offered:

A new cashless system is taking place. Thanks to the advanced offline smartcard technology, students are going to be safe while they make their daily canteen transactions. Truth be told, they will purchase what they want in the campus canteen and many other places for very low pricing with no additional transaction fees, etc.

The new smart card-based payment method is also super easy to use. You can use it with your smart card prepaid card payment method in the virtual world. We can say that the fewer contact students established with others, the safer they become. Especially during such a period of COVID-19 pandemics. The virtual method of cashless payment is protecting the student around the world from the deadly COVID-19 virus. This is because there is no direct contact with others and cash banknotes too. As a result, students and teachers are going to be safe during school life.

Benefits of School Contactless Cashless System :

  • Very practical and easy to use the method
  • It can optimize the fees and the costs of the money transactions
  • It is very safe, and students will be always safe from manipulation
  • Students can send as much as they want for payments
  • Fast less than 1 sec transaction time, hence queues in the School canteen can be super fast and students will get enough time to eat their meals in lunch breaks.
  • It is friendly with the environment
  • Students and parents can check balances and can also track daily, weekly cashless transactions.
  • Parents have the option to limit daily and weekly spent of kids to avoid misuse of funds provided by Parents.